Our machines can apply chocolate, yoghurt, or cocoa toppings on the bars. The bars can be not only fully dipped or half-dipped but they can have different decoration patterns as well. Our chocolate processing technologies are based on the latest machines that can process up to 300 kg of chocolate per hour.

Packaging machines

We use state-of-the-art packaging machines. Our bars are packed on automatic packaging lines with an output of up to 30,000 bars per hour. Carton filling is also automated with a capacity of up to 1,500 cartons per hour.

Weighing and preparation of ingredients

Weighing of ingredients contained in a particular recipe is performed by a computer-controlled scale, which guarantees the accuracy of the ingredients used and compliance with the specifications of the final product.

X-ray - quality control

The most important device that ensures quality control is the X-ray. At the exit, each bar passes through this device and is checked if it contains any foreign objects and if the required weight is correct. If the X-ray finds a discrepancy, it will immediately discard the bar so the customer will receive a 100% quality bar.

Multilayer bars

Bars with multiple layers are currently very popular. We have the option of adding another layer of cream, paste or pure caramel to the bar.


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