Project assignment

Do you know exactly what composition would you like to have? Or do you have to adhere to certain nutritional values? Do you want keto, organic, low sugar or gluten-free? Or do you have a target price and the bar type and leave the rest to us?

You give us the assignment, the number of pieces you are interested in, and we will prepare a tailor-made indicative offer.

2 weeks

Recipe preparation

We prepare your recipe in our laboratory and send you samples for approval.
At the same time, we define packaging material and logistics.

3 weeks

Preparation of graphics

Either we provide all the data for the graphics preparation, or you send us your logos and inspiration and we will help you with the graphics finalization.

0-8 weeks

Production test

We will test new recipes in real operation and send you samples for approval. We will keep some of the samples for observation and monitor their development over time to ensure the product perfection and stability.

2 weeks

Packaging material, ingredients, and stability test

We will order foils, boxes, and cartons and, if required by a particular recipe, your special ingredients.

5 weeks

Production and shipping

Now everything is prepared, and we can start the production! Do you want to be present? Contact us, we will be happy to welcome you.

Once the goods are produced and stored, we are ready to send them to you. You can use our partner carriers or arrange the transport yourself.

2 weeks

Let's discuss your project